Doing Good While Doing Well

Sometimes we wait until we own a fortune in order to start doing good through our business. Well, Farai Pyro was tasked to challenge this way of doing business. Our goal is to do good while doing well. To grow with our “doing good” initiatives.

To that end, we have engaged children living on the streets of Zimbabwe’s Capital, Harare, so they can collect plastic for Farai Pyro which we then purchase from them. Our desire is to be able to provide more than a few bucks a day for these children. We want them to become contributing members of society. And we want to rehabilitate them through our business in some way.

When many think of unemployment they think of recent college graduates. And as the economy recovers and grows these college graduates will be quickly assimilated into the labor force. However, these street urchins maybe further forgotten by society and may end up creating a cycle of more kids on the street. We want to nip this in the bud and provide an opportunity for them.  We have a vision that in 5 years, 45% of our compy’s labor be provided by labor form stigmatized sources or labor such as street urchins, ex-convicts, and so on.

Working with the children on the streets is tough and it is understandably so. But there is hope for these “Entrepreneurs on the streets” as we call them.