Siyajabula ClnUp-Jun 9

The clean-up campaign was a success. We met at the Townhouse (In front of Joina City) and we all suited up for the day. Tools and materials were distributed alongside t-shirts! Then we were guided by the city council representatives to the Copacarbana bus terminus where we started working on cleaning up the areas. We received visits from ZBC and the Sunday Mail.

We want to thank Pepsi, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the Harare City Council, and the wonderful Zimbabwe Dream Volunteer Network.

We are brainstorming with the Zimbabwe Dream Volunteer Network on a tenable way of dealing with waste at the Copacarbana bus terminus. It will probably be a pilot for the rest of the country.

This cleanup campaign was our answer to the call from the World Environment Day, “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Date: Saturday June 9

Time: 10:45am – 3pm

Refreshments provided by Pepsi

Met at – Copa Cabana Bus Terminus

Objectives of this Clean-Up Campaign in addition to cleaning up Harare City:

  • To raise awareness about the various health and environmental hazards associated with plastic wastes.
  • Teach the hierarchy of control for plastic waste and importance of waste segregation at work and at home.
  • To educate people on the various sustainable ways of handling and disposal of waste.
  • To collect plastic waste and demonstrate our process of converting plastic waste into diesel.
  • And to show the value of waste as a resource (Trash-to-Cash).

Download Flier:   Flier Farai Siyajabula Clean Up Campaign (230 downloads)